FPGABee is a hardware emulation of a Microbee - the classic Aussie home computer of the 80's!

About the Microbee

The Microbee was an Australian made computer that was popular in the 1980's. I had one as a teenager and wrote and sold 5 games for it - some through Applied Technology, the company behind the Microbee.

Here you'll find various links and information on things of interest to me relating to Microbee.

Microbee 32K IC

Microbee 32K IC

My Games

Five games by yours truly: Hopper, Lazer Blazer, Depth Charge, Space Lanes and Robot Fire.

TRS-80 Porting Guide

A series of articles detailing how I ported Big 5's Meteor Mission II game from TRS-80 to Microbee.


Here are a few little utilities I've written for working with Microbee files:

  • TapeTool - a tape conversion and repair tool.
  • YAZD - Yet Another Z80 Disassembler.
  • bin2tap - Binary to TAP file converter.

Technical Information



Like just about every other 80's home computer, there are various ways to emulate a Microbee:

  • FPGABee - my re-creation of the Microbee hardware in an FPGA.
  • ubee512 - an excellent open source Microbee emulator that runs on Windows, Linux, OS-X, AmigaOS and MorphOS and emulates every model Microbee and all it's peripherals.
  • NanoWasp - an implementation of a basic Microbee in JavaScript. Runs in a modern web browser without installing anything. Will run my games.